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Happy New Day Everyone!

Welcome to my blog.

I’m so excited about everything that’s happening right now. I’m working hard to put the finishing touches on my new CD Sing Pray Love Vol 1:SING and we are now looking at a June release.

Its My Time is blowing up at radio, available on I-tunes and Amazon and is climbing the charts quickly. In only four weeks I am blessed to have a top ten hit with this song. That’s something that’s nearly unheard of so I thank you all for getting behind me and getting behind this song and making it LIVE.

This song means so much to me. It is the theme for my life right now and many of you have made the same decision! You are now singing Its My Time and taking action to live out the dreams you’ve placed on hold or had even given up on completely.

I applaud you for making the choice and deciding to LIVE and be completely fulfilled. I can’t wait for you to hear the new CD in its entirety. I’m proud of the work and the LOVE that was put into it and when you hear it I know you will be too.

Blessings & Abundance,


“I decided that I was gonna be living and loving and happy” ~Kelly Price “It’s My Time”

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