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IT’S MY TIME!!! Fan Edit Video Update

IT’S MY TIME!!! Fan Edit Video Update

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting about the Its My Time video on my social networks and reading all of your messages about how the song is motivating you and changing your lives. I’ve also posted clips of myself “turnt up” in my car listening to the song when it comes on the radio. A lot of you say that you react the same way and you started posting yourselves doing the same thing. What can I say? I LOVED IT!

Your comments made me want to see more of YOU having your ITS MY TIME MOMENTS so I had the idea to make a 2nd video (A FAN’s Edit) and include clips of all of you doing what you do! Whether its singing, signing (ASL), lip synching, dancing, miming, speaking or creatively expressing yourself in anyway you feel to the song “Its My Time” just DO IT! It’s all about YOU.

For days now Ive been looking forward to premiering the Fan’s edit at my website on my birthday Friday April 4th. So many of you are inboxing to tell me you are having problems uploading your videos or saying you aren’t sure what to do and asking for extensions. I want as many of you that want to send your videos in to be able to do it. This video idea is all about fan appreciation so without you there is no one to appreciate!

So I am extending the deadline again and giving the instructions again so you can get your videos done and get them in.

This means I wont be able to premier the fan’sedit on April 4th.

Although the fan’s edit will not premier on my birthday I am excited to announce that the OFFICIAL “Its My Time” video will premier worldwide that day so the party is still on and I will still celebrate Friday April 4th as Fan Appreciation Day!

In doing so I will make the announcement of the fan who won a spot in the *OFFICIAL* ITS MY TIME video with their TURNT UP version of ITS MY TIME on Friday April 4th and provide the links and/or website(s) where you can see the “Its My Time” video!

Thank you all again for rollin with a sistah! I thank GOD for all of you. You really put a smile on my face with the love and the support you give.

It blesses me to know that the music I release into the world makes a difference in your lives and pushes you to do more, be more and live better.

I really believe that Its My Time but I really believe that IT’S YOUR TIME TOO!!!

Blessings and Abundance,


It's My Time Video Instructions


Record yourselves using your cameras, smartphones, tablets, Ipads and other devices while listening to “Its My Time” and TURN UP for the cameras while the song is playing!

Then send it to me by uploading it to MY PAGE ON FACEBOOK If you experience problems loading your video to the Facebook page then upload your video to You Tube using the title “Its My Time by Kelly Price Fan’s Edit” you can then cut and paste the video from You tube to my face book page.

If you still can’t get it on the facebook page just load it on You Tube. I hope this makes it easier for you. I look forward to seeing all of your videos. You have some extra time now.

I’ll be back soon to let you know the deadline.

Don’t procrastinate! Get those videos in!

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